Ready to Bring your ideas 2 life?

At PROTOPIDEA we make it easier for anyone with ideas or skills to collaborate and grow their creativity with the rest of the world in a simple and intellectual property protected environment.

Promoting and selling your prototype on your own can be an Everest to climb. PROTOPIDEA’s mobile solution can do this for you totally for FREE. 

You have a scalable product? Looking for collaboration to turn into a Start-up? PROTOPIDEA connects you to interested Businesses and Investors.


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With just a click you can now submit your ideas or prototypes through PROTOPIDEA and accelerate new innovations to the world. If you wish, be part of a team that will be able to deliver new innovative products and services to life.


Missing certain skills to bring your product to life? With PROTOPIDEA you will find innovators and developers with the right skills to collaborated with. Need feedback? Ask for likes or comments to see what your friends and others thing about your brilliant idea.



Collaborate to start and end your journey with a final prototype. Our simple collaborative template is both easy and flexible to use. Worried about your product works being stolen?  At PROTOPIDEA we help protect your intellectual property rights.


Thinking of creating a start-up? Don’t know who to look for or where to go? Want your product to be commercialised? You are at the right place, PROTOPIDEA will look for the right companies or investors for you.


Prototype + Idea. Simple. Safe. 

Start your project now and make the difference.

With Protopidea you can submit your idea or make changes in your running project for free in a fast,simple and safe way, wherever you go. Download the APP in your ipad, tablet, mobile device or over your favorite web browser (Coming Soon)


Who do we serve?


Do you have a lot of ideas with potential value? Submit your ideas and start innovating. All innovative ideas have significant value with the right nurturing and promotions. At PROTOPIDEA you will find the collaborators that you need and we market it for you for free. You are not alone any longer!



Are one of your students the next Tim Berners-Lee or Steve Jobs of tomorrow? Are you a student that will change the world for the better? Regardless of how crazy your product or service ideas can be, collaborate with people you know or the rest of the world and with specific companies and investors exposed to your “crazy” concepts. At no cost Institutions can now benefit from higher visibility and increased exposure to new brilliant ideas, concepts and start-ups.


Looking for the next new ideas or products to invest in or sell? At PROTOPIDEA finding the latest and most innovative is made easy and customisable to your every needs. A google of innovation in one place to be the first to see it and not be the last. At PROTOPIDEA we connect what you are looking for with the market potential that you are interested in.



Looking for idea generators or new products for your next new product launch? Be aware of competitive risk in the growth of open innovation. PROTOPIDEA will connect you to innovative talents with new ideas and even prototypes related to your business portfolio. Connect to the market place where your current customers could be your next product developer.

A Single idea can change the world, let us connect yours to the right companies and investors!


About Us



Have you ever had a good idea but didn't know what to do or go next? 
Afraid that your ideas will be stolen or by collaborating with others only made them richer?


At PROTOPIDEA we believe this will soon change with our new protected mobile application (coming in January 2016 - IOS and Android) will host and connect people, universities (educational institutions), companies and investors in promoting new pipelines for innovation. In our vision, everyone can be an inventor in creating a better future and enjoying the benefits in a new evolutionary way.

Headquartered in Switzerland our mission “Bringing Ideas & Collaborative Innovation to Life” by making it easy for anyone with ideas or skills to collaborate and grow their creativity with the rest of the world in a simple and intellectual property protected environment. PROTOPIDEA a totally FREE community platform provides the opportunity that anyone with a mobile device can now become an innovator and be part of a collaborative team that can now deliver new innovative products, services and new concepts to life.

We hope to connect the world like Facebook is doing but through the spirit of innovation and collaboration. Imagine connecting ideas and passions from a 3rd world nations to the richer nations. Imagine start-ups and new products created where the collaborators are sitting 10000 kilometers away from each other. Bring your ideas and skills to PROTOPIDEA and accelerate new innovations to society to make this world a better place, where “A Single Idea Can Change the World”.






Our Team 

Benjamin Beh

Benjamin Beh

Product Developer

Electronics Engineer with Business Management. Passionate about bringing innovative ideas around the world to life. An advocate of collaborative innovation in making this planet simpler and better.

Débora Vieira

Débora Vieira

Designer & Product Developer

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering.   Enthusiastic about everything that involves technology, science and wealth. Trying to make a difference in the world through innovative ideas and thinking out of the box.

Cecilia Canevelli

Cecilia Canevelli

Projects & Events (Argentina)

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in International business. 8 years in banking and financial markets in Argentina.

Christian Lonnqvist

Christian Lonnqvist

Finance & Business Developement

I have a Master’s degree in Economics, and have held several finance and treasury positions in the mobile telecommunications industry. I always loved technology, and I am a firm believer in crowdsourcing and online cooperation.

Lilla Papp

Lilla Papp

IP Legal & Contracts

I have a Master degree of Law and Political Science, specialized in IP, worked as a legal, patent, trademark and design lawyer for many years, before I decided to work in the challenging life of start-ups and help them to bring their ideas into life.

Mariia Sporan

Mariia Sporan

Events & HR

Master’s in Accounting and Auditing. As a manager, I discovered my passions for human interaction and went on to obtain my Master’s in Psychology, since then I have decided to dedicate my life to helping people and making their lives better.

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