Where do you go today when you have a great idea ?
At Protopidea we believe the rapid trend of mobile usage and the growing use of voice intelligent systems today will open new opportunities for innovative solutions. Our diverse team in Switzerland and soon in the USA are building an extraordinary application that will be the future marketplace for ideas and prototypes.


Protopidea partners with companies interested in growing and connecting to the communities they serve. Here we are co-developing improved ways in bringing a more seamless interaction between ideators, conceptors and developers with businesses.


Our partner companies will be able to customize Protopidea’s mobile marketplace to suit their needs.


We are inspired to bring new ideas to life. At the same time ensuring both a secure and collaborative user environment.  

Made In Switzerland
80% Female Powered
10 Nationalities
Community Driven

Are you a company looking for new ideas and inspirations ?

or even new prototypes ?

Protopidea connects you to ideators, conceptors, developers and promotors of your product.

You want to grow your company’s community of followers and potential customers?

Engage in a more effective and profitable manner with your partners and suppliers ?

Inspired by Amazon, Alibaba and Tinder
– Ben Beh

A business wanting to grow and inspire your community of followers. Seeking to collaborate in a more effective manner with your partners and suppliers?

Here at Protopidea we believe that seamless and sincere engagement are true elements to grow one’s community of inspired customers and users.

We decided to build a simple platform that allows communities to share features that they want from your next new product.

Grow your community of followers and keep them interested in you by listening to what they have to say.

Innovate Anywhere

Marketing and selling your ideas by yourself is a mountain to climb.

Why not let us do it for you.

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