Who is Protopidea for?

We serve corporate companies to the general community of users, ideators, developers, start-ups and basically anyone with a great idea.

If you are an individual or a small team or even a start-up looking to promote and market your ideas or prototypes or with the need to find collaborators then we can help. With Protopidea you can keep your ideas safely a secret or share it with whom you want to grow your ideas in becoming the next new innovative product or service.

How does it work?

Protopidea promotes and markets new ideas, concepts and prototypes from users over mobile from products to services to our partner companies.

We connect and grow communities together with our partner companies through an open or closed channels of discussion ranging from existing to new products, features and concepts. Companies wishing to only have a closed network of channels can do so with their employees with potential extension of collaboration with partners and suppliers.

If you have a great idea or you are a company wanting to grow your interactions with the community do not hesitate to connect with us. You can email us now at contact@protopidea.com.